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Check Mate skirt

4 Feb

Introducing…. <drum roll> … the first skirt I ever made – the Check Mate skirt.

This is a simple straight skirt, lined, with a back vent, lapped zip and waist facing. Sounds easy huh?

Check mate skirt

After looking at the photo, some of you may now be thinking, ‘Are you mad?? Checks?? For your first project??!’.

Seems I was mad. Little innocent me walks naively into my sewing class and showed my teacher my brand new fabric to make my groundbreaking first skirt. I think she had a little heart attack internally, but I didn’t sense it. How was I supposed to know that checks were tricky!? ;pCheck mate skirt - seated

We plowed on though. She patiently worked with me to ensure the pattern went one way, and to match all the checks – which was a little easier given the large size of them. We ensured that the black column was down the centre front (more slimming that way), matched the centre back and did our best with the side seams.

I was pretty happy with the end result – what do you think? Have you worked with checks?

Oh, and ‘check mate’ checked fabric – I win!


Check Mate skirt