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Crikey! I’ve lost my sewjo!

6 Jul

I’ve found recently, that apart from my weekly sewing class, I’m not sewing! Now I don’t mean to whinge, but by the time I get home from work, cook dinner, clean up dinner, deal with emails, blog reading, phone calls, life etc – I’m wrecked and it’s close to midnight! And that’s on the nights I don’t have something else on… ballet, french etc. (#firstworldproblems I know)

I mean, even this post is lacking energy!

There was a little chat about this topic on Facebook recently, and we discovered that Red Point Tailor tries to sew 2 hours a night! Two hours a night!! Maybe if I was one of those lucky people who don’t need sleep I could do that. 

I think I’ve become more sew-luggish since winter set in… maybe my vitamin D deficiency has a role to play lol? And I must note that I’ve never been quick at the best of times, tending to fall into the ‘slow sewing’ camp. I do however fall into the fast fabric and pattern buying lot 😉

So, I want your tips for sewjo finding! Deadlines tend to push me, but if they’re self imposed…well, lets just say those ones can be moved *wink*.