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Where to from here? Project planning.

1 Oct

So I finished v8774 on the weekend. Hoorah! No photos as yet I’m sorry. Hopefully this weekend 🙂

Meanwhile, I need to choose where to go next – keeping in mind summer is on its way here in Oz. I’m stuck, and feel that I’ve lost my sewing mojo, so I’d love some help from you guys in choosing my next project.

Here are my options (some good stashbusting is planned you’ll see – and sorry about the dodgy photos):

1. Sewaholic Cambie view A in a silvery blue cotton Sateen from Spotlight

Something I’d wear to the office.

2. Colette’s Ceylon in a Japanese cotton from Tessuti

Another one I think I’d wear to the office, but also out and about.

3. Wiksten Tova in Liberty cotton lawn from Tessuti

I think I would wear this flat out! I heart tunics – as you would have read in my Happy Homemade Shirred Tunic post 🙂

4. M6083 view B in a vintage reproduction cotton poplin from Spotlight

This would be great to get about in during the warmer months, and I think it could be dressed up or down. Do you think this fabric is too much? P.S: View B is the white one in the middle.

5. v8804 in Lisa Ho mustard wool and Scanlan and Theodore silk lining from The Fabric Store

I lurve this wool. Who am I kidding, I love the lining too. The photo doesn’t do either justice. I can see this as a cropped jacket. I actually found a picture of the ‘the’ Lisa Ho jacket that used this fabric, and surprise surprise it’s fabulous so I would really like to attempt an homage. You can see ‘the’ jacket on my Pinterest.

So they’re my options. Please help me choose!


Thanks for helping me find my mojo! Zxx

And the obligatory Austin Powers pic 🙂


Click image for source


Crescent skirt – comes with free sunshine

30 Jun

I went to see the Australian Ballet’s production of Onegin today with my Grandmother (yes – it was great!). But before the ballet, I sneaked in some cheeky fabric shopping at the Clegs stocktake sale. Surprisingly, I walked away empty handed – completely empty handed, not even a notion in sight! But, to ensure I had enough time for my shopping, (priorities!!) I went in to the city early, and was greeted by a stunning Winter’s day. Check out how pretty the Arts Centre looked!

Melbourne in Winter - Arts Centre

On my travels, I was wearing my completed Crescent skirt in a lovely bright yellow from The Fabric Store – which added even more sunshine to my day! I love cracking out a bright piece in Winter, it makes me feel much more sunny and upbeat.

Here’s me in the sunny Crescent skirt with my pretty dancing friend:

Crescent skirt

I did freestyle from the instructions a little, and used an exposed zipper. That was my only diversion from the pattern though – amazing!

Crescent skirt with exposed zipper

When making this skirt, my overlocker (serger) was threaded with black thread – which, had I used it to finish these lovely yellow seams, would have looked heinous! I was too lazy to rethread the machine, so instead I bound my seams with yellow ribbon that I had lying around. Which on reflection, took much longer than rethreading the machine would have taken! Duh.

Crescent skirt - bound seams

And just for fun, here’s a picture of the stage curtain at the State Theatre – isn’t it beautiful! You can see the orchestra pit down the front too.

State Theatre curtain

So that’s my sunny skirt – it’s positively un-Melburnian, i.e. not black. Do you wear certain garments to pick you up? How do the colours you wear affect (effect?) your mood?

Renfrew you, Renfrew me

28 Apr

A couple of months back now, I took advantage of Tasia’s birthday discount and ordered myself a Renfrew, Lonsdale and Minoru. I already had the Pendrell and the Crescent skirt. And just quietly, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Cambie too!

I tackled my first Renfrew in view C, the cowl neck. I had seen so many lovely versions online, and I wanted to join in the fun! I particularly liked Leith’s lovely yellow number. The plan was that this go was going to be my toile, with the hope that it would be a wearable one 🙂

So, over Easter, I Renfrewed it up. And this is what I ended up with. (Ignore how awkwardly it’s sitting above the bust, no mirror in the park to check prior to photos 🙂 )

Renfrew front view

What size to make?

It took me quite a bit of thinking and consideration to decide what size to make. The Renfrews I had seen online looked like there was quite a lot of ease in the pattern, and I was after something a little more fitted. So considering my measurements, the finished measurements and the fit I was after, I ended up making; the cuffs at a 10 (will go 8 next time), the front and back at an 8 grading to a 10 at the hip (will shape this in more next time, likely staying at 8 the whole way down), the cowl at an 8, sleeves at a 10 (will grade to an 8 below the elbow next time), and the waistband at a 10 (will go 8 next time).

Renfrew back view

The back - a bit baggy

More details:

  • I constructed the whole thing on my overlocker (serger). This was so quick and easy – loved it!
  • It’s made out of a stretch wool blend (??) from Darn Cheap Fabrics

If you are making view C, please, please note there is an error in the instructions. In the words of Sewaholic, “In Sewing Step 6, for View C, text should read ‘Sew collar pieces right sides together along un-notched edge’.”

Of course, I did not find this out until I started Googling after my tantrum of not being able to make it work. Joy.

At first, I had just gone ahead and sewn it correctly without reading the instructions (win!), but then, I stupidly read the instructions and tried to unpick the overlocking. This was a nightmare!! So I did something naughty and just cut it off. Gasp!

I then overlocked it together again as per incorrect instructions. Attempting the next step (step 7) would subsequently not work because it was now obviously constructed incorrectly.

Then I realised i had sewn it right the first time, and had to pull it apart and put it back together again. Cue tantrum. And I must confess, I did just cut the row of overlocking off again.

Renfrew cowl

The finished cowl

But it was all ok in the end.

I was a bit hesitant with the whole knit thing (I have a ‘knit scar’), but given that there were lovely cuffs and a waistband rather than those awful to sew double stitched hems – and I decided to overlock the whole thing – it was really quite easy (apart from the aforementioned tantrum).

And the best bit is, that even though I will change it for next time, this is totally wearable!

Here’s some more pictures:

Renfrew cuff

The cuff


Renfrew serging

The delightful overlocking and waistband

Oh and I am so so close to the finish line with my v8146, half a hand stitched hem and some prick stitching to go!!