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A new winter wooly

27 Mar

In Melbourne, you can definitely tell that winter is rearing its ugly head – even though we’re only in the first month of Autumn! (I am one for summer – can you tell?)

But I guess one benefit of winter is that you get to pull out your cosy winter woolies.

And here’s my latest winter wooly addition. I love how cosy it is. Mother of ZoSews knitted it for me and I wore for the first time on the weekend.

Fair Isle Alpaca

It’s made out of Alpaca and it’s very warm. I wore it to my friend’s 30th birthday do, and I got so hot in it that I had to remove it and borrow some cooler clothes!

Fair Isle alpaca knit

This jumper came about because I decided after Christmas that I wanted to learn to knit, and this fair isle jumper was the pattern I selected to start with. Hahaha! I think mother of ZoSews took pity on me and my naivety and quickly offered to knit this for me while also suggesting that perhaps I start with something more simple. So I made a hat instead (photos to come).

And just to up the ante, I made mother of ZoSews knit with double threads because I didn’t want the pattern prescribed yarn for this jumper (it was yukky and synthetic) and the alpaca yarn was too fine to use as a single thread. Mwah ha ha ha!

Fair isle alpaca knitted jumper

Brrrrr it's cold!

I think it turned out just lovely. I will have to save it for particularly cold occasions though!

Do you knit? I started to because I thought it was a nice option for something to do when I don’t want to barricade myself away at a sewing machine to sew.

And speaking of sewing, here’s a glimpse of one of my WIPs…

v8146 seam binding

Z xx