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Interested in …isms?

24 Jun

Picture this mes amis. Me, at the Arts Centre, with about 45 minutes to burn before meeting up with my Grandmother to go and see Swan Lake. With not enough time to walk up to Clegs or Tessuti (dammit!), what else was there to do but to head over to the NGV shop and check out their wares.

And check out their wares I did. In fact, I walked out with a new little book, Isms: Understanding Fashion


It the publisher’s own words, Isms is, “… a highly illustrated guide to the movements or ‘isms’ that have shaped the history of Western fashion from the 17th century…”

I like it as a nice, light introduction to the various trends, or rather ‘isms’ of Western fashion.

I must admit, I have barely started reading this, but already, me likey! The first isms are Restorationism, Baroque and Rococo.

I’m wondering, are y’all interested in me featuring some isms here on zee blog? Yay? Nay? Let me know!

Z xx