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Join me in haby heaven

11 Jun

Howdy, a quick little post for y’all because I just couldn’t hold this back any longer.

I have a discount code for you my dear readers.

But before that, I’ll tell you a little story… You gotta work (suffer) for your code ;p

Once upon a time, a little sewer from Melbourne was checking her emails. One grabbed her attention. What was this attention grabbing email? Alacraft, an online haberdashery store was offering to send this little sewing lady some haby treats. Of course the little sewing lady said, yes yes pleaassse! 

A few days later the little sewing lady had a  package turn up, it was beautifully packed, exactly as ordered with even a few extras thrown in. As you’d expect, the little sewing lady was in haby heaven!

So, the little sewing lady now wants you all to experience haby heaven too.”

That’s where the discount comes in (audience breathes sigh of relief “finally, we get to the good bit”).

My haby haul

Heavenly haby

Alacraft has very kindly offered a 20% off discount code for all my tortured readers. So, here she is: ZOEG20

And what’s even more exciting, is that this discount is just like a packet of Tim Tams that never runs out, because there’s no expiry date! So go get shopping folks.

And since Alacraft was new to me, I made the assumption (you know what they say about making assumptions…) that they may be new to you too, here’s some info on who they are:

  • Family owned business in Perth, Australia
  • Stocks a large range of craft supplies including lace, ribbon, yarn, etc

Their haberdashery isn’t fancy-pants stuff that’s been imported from Italy, worn by angels and blessed by Tibetan monks, however it is all your everyday stuff like bias binding, cotton tape, and trim that you’d find at your local Spotty (but with 20% off for you!).

See that pretty blue satin bias binding in the top right of my package? Yes. Well it’s going to be hooking up with my blue, wool wiggle dress. Yay!


Z xx

PS. If you’d like to see everything that came in the package, I’ve made a little Vine (@ZoSews) with the intention of sharing it in this post. Turns out WordPress won’t let me. Boo. 😦 But you can still see it on Vine.


Happy New Year!

2 Jan

Wow, there’s been so much reflection going on in sewing blogger land. I haven’t quite caught up yet. But, I didn’t want that to stop me from wishing you all a very happy 2013! So, Happy New Year!!

I went back to work today (shock to the system), but here’s a quick update of what I’ve been up to during the last week back with the fam. Oh and my handmade Christmas crafting 🙂

Me made gifts for girls

Tote bags from Pip Lincoln’s Sew La Tea Do book.

Owls with a yoyo embellishment…


And butterflies with pretty buttons



And another one that I was too dopey to remember to take a photo of before wrapping – doh! I almost unwrapped, but I just didn’t have time.

Sewing gifts for lucky duck me

Fun new books…


And thread holders that go from wood look plastic…


to blue! With the help of some spray paint 🙂


And a shiny new pincushion.


What else has been happening?

Food, wine, friends and family – but of course.


A little bit of quilting (my holiday portable project)


And lots of puppy love



I also hung out with a bird


No sewing I’m afraid, but I’ll get there. I did catch up with the Frabjous Couture PMPS sew/draft along though!

What have you been up to?

Hope you are all raring to get in to 2013! I can’t wait to see where it takes us 🙂

Z xx

P.S: The lovely Ooobop nominated me for the very inspiring blog award! You’re too kind. I haven’t forgotten and will pass on the love soon 🙂