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Special delivery!

25 Aug

I don’t know about you, but my day is always brightened when a delivery arrives at my desk – especially when it’s a couple of boxes like these!

Delivery boxes


So what’s in the boxes hey? That’s the big question 🙂

1. Sven clogs

Ever since I saw Sarai’s beautiful silver Sven clogs, I was all like, “oh lordy, I gots to get me a pair of those!”. So when I saw them on sale at Fab, I snapped a pair right up. Unfortunately Fab doesn’t ship to little old Australia, but fear not, that’s where USA Shopping Affair comes in – thank you very much!

Sven clogs

2. Tracing paper galore

I’m a bit tardy in actually completing my bombshell dress – fitting is getting me down – and I had really crappy tracing paper to work with, but I took it upon myself to order some what is hopefully amazingly useful waxed tracing paper from Richard the Thread, one of the suppliers Gertie recommends in the course. The minimum order was $35, so I think I now have enough tracing paper to last a lifetime… in three different colours.

Richard the Thread tracing paper

 3. Wiksten Patterns

I know you can download these little beauties, but I’m a bit old school and like to have my hands wrapped around something concrete. Kollabora was having a sale, so I grabbed these and added to my order sitting with USA Shopping Affair.

Wiksten patterns

So that’s what’s in the box! Now, let’s get sewing hey 🙂



And the Bombshell is off and running

8 Jun

I have no fashion fabric (but I know what I want); I have minimal notions. But I have loads of enthusiasm, a pattern and calico galore! So let the bombshell commence. And I also have a long weekend – happy birthday to HRM Elizabeth II, and thank you for the day off! (Yes, I know it’s not her real birthday.)

And yes, I also understand I am working on jeans at the moment – but no-one said creation was a linear process – and watching Caffy’s dress emerge has inspired me no end!

So so far Gertie’s bombshell dress is dress of firsts for me;

  • First Burda pattern
  • First time transfer paper and wheel used
  • First time dealing with freestyle seam allowances (leaving guesstimated allowances)
  • First time thread tracing

I must say, I am intrigued as to what the point of thread tracing is… I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough though!

I am making an adjustment to the pattern straight away, grading up from my bust size 40, to waist size 42 – I’m making an educated guess, but I do miss the waist point markers you’d usually get with, say a Vogue pattern.

Also, hot tip from me to you – don’t use yellow transfer paper with calico. It looks like this:

Pattern tracing

Which is why – you guessed it – I then went over all my markings again with my orange marker.

Here is the offending paper (can you believe it was nearly $10! 16c a centimetre, a centimetre – what a laugh!) and the results of my hard work.

Next up – thread tracing. (Honestly, I was supposed to thread trace tonight, but Fashion Star has just started showing in Australia and it popped up on my TV and distracted me…)