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Crescent skirt – comes with free sunshine

30 Jun

I went to see the Australian Ballet’s production of Onegin today with my Grandmother (yes – it was great!). But before the ballet, I sneaked in some cheeky fabric shopping at the Clegs stocktake sale. Surprisingly, I walked away empty handed – completely empty handed, not even a notion in sight! But, to ensure I had enough time for my shopping, (priorities!!) I went in to the city early, and was greeted by a stunning Winter’s day. Check out how pretty the Arts Centre looked!

Melbourne in Winter - Arts Centre

On my travels, I was wearing my completed Crescent skirt in a lovely bright yellow from The Fabric Store – which added even more sunshine to my day! I love cracking out a bright piece in Winter, it makes me feel much more sunny and upbeat.

Here’s me in the sunny Crescent skirt with my pretty dancing friend:

Crescent skirt

I did freestyle from the instructions a little, and used an exposed zipper. That was my only diversion from the pattern though – amazing!

Crescent skirt with exposed zipper

When making this skirt, my overlocker (serger) was threaded with black thread – which, had I used it to finish these lovely yellow seams, would have looked heinous! I was too lazy to rethread the machine, so instead I bound my seams with yellow ribbon that I had lying around. Which on reflection, took much longer than rethreading the machine would have taken! Duh.

Crescent skirt - bound seams

And just for fun, here’s a picture of the stage curtain at the State Theatre – isn’t it beautiful! You can see the orchestra pit down the front too.

State Theatre curtain

So that’s my sunny skirt – it’s positively un-Melburnian, i.e. not black. Do you wear certain garments to pick you up? How do the colours you wear affect (effect?) your mood?


Beignet is finito

17 Jun

Those of you who follow my ramblings may recall that I have been working on a Beignet.

Well, I am pleased to report that it is now finished. Honestly, it’s not rocking my world, but I think that’s due to fabric choice, because the fit is great – though if I make it again I think I’d lengthen it even more, ever so slightly.

Beignet Right

Fashion fabric is a pin cord from Spotlight, and I lined it with a yellow Habutai from Darn Cheap Fabrics – which was an absolute nightmare to work with. Don’t do it to yourself! ;p

Beignet left

Alterations made

  • Shaping at the waist
  • Lengthen hem by 4cm
  • Widened front pieces at centre front to avoid any potential gaping

I did also put a lot of effort into working/matching the pattern as best as possible. For example, all the belt loops have a red flower in the middle.

Beignet front

That’s it! Work continues on my jeans and bombshell dress 🙂

Have you made up the Beignet, what did you think?

Z xx

Winner winner chicken dinner!

20 May

At the start of the month I was lucky enough to be a winner of a lucky dip over at Kestrel Finds and Makes. And this week, my winner’s package arrived – all the way from Glasgow! Thanks Kestrel!

There was Simplicity 7780 with a range of shirts, from 1968, and Butterick 4225 with a lovely dress and jacket (can’t see a date on this one, but to my untrained eye it looks maybe 1970s). How exciting!

The dress in particular struck me, and made me think of the black and white bird fabric I’d seen over at Bimble and Pimble… may just have to get my butt down to Spotlight to pick some up – I think it would work! The neckline of this dress also reminds me of the new Colette patterns, Hazel and Lily.

Lucky dip patterns - kestrel finds and makes - simplicity 7780 butterick 4225

You may have read also that I was the winner of a brooch from JuliaBobbin / RueMiraldi. With all these prizes coming my way, I think I should be buying a lottery ticket! But anyway, here’s a picture of the brooch – isn’t it lovely!

Vintage brooch - Julia Bobbin

And finally, I spent the afternoon at Love Vintage yesterday with two lovely ladies from my sewing class. Where I picked up these patterns…

Love Vintage Melbourne patterns - simplicity 7239 style 1980 home journal pattern 11541

The blouse on the right is my favourite 🙂 It seems I did have a blonde moment when purchasing these unfortunately (nothing against blondes – I was one for many many years)… See the middle pattern, yep, the one with the lovely pussy bow blouse? Yep. Right. Well it’s actually a pattern for the skirts not the blouse. Doh! Not that I hate the skirts or anything, but I really did only buy it for the blouse! Dammit! I only realised when I got home…

I also got these magnificent Alexis Kirk earrings that I am completely in love with. Now I just need to find somewhere to wear them…

Alexis Kirk earrings

And I’m still chugging along with my Beignet… not long to go now, here’s a sneak peak…

Beignet sneak peakHow was your weekend? Did you get much sewing done?


New Vogue patterns coming my way!

26 Apr

Yeah yeah, another Vogue $3.99 pattern sale. They’re popping up all the time. But this one had a twist. A new pattern release twist that is! Woo hoo!

Thanks to a timely alert from Gertie I jumped at the chance to get the new patterns at a little baby price. For us folks in Aus, the best way is to buy seven patterns at a time – due to the exorbitant $25 postage charge for one envelope package (and that’s one envelope with a stamped postage charge of under $12 mind you, but no need for ranting lol). The thing is, you have to pay $25 postage for anywhere up to seven patterns, so at $3.99 you might as well get the seven. If you get more than seven it’s $50 postage! Woah! The alternative is to pay retail prices here, which can be up to $30 per pattern – woah again!

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about my order, and wanted to share what’s coming my way 🙂

This is the first one I had to have, and set me off to choose another six. I’d been on the hunt for Claire Shaeffer’s previous ‘Chanel-like’ jacket that is now OOP, and when I saw this v8804, I got all ‘must buy now!!!’



Next one – v8810. I’ve been dreaming of a shirt dress recently, and this one offered so many options that of course I had to have it 🙂



This is delightful (v1310), I love the skirt, not sure when I’d wear it, but I figure the top could be a winner.



Next was v1304 – just because it’s fabulous 🙂



Then I filled the final three spots with v1283, v2961 and v8789 – not new, but lovely nonetheless.







That’s it! Looking forward to my package arriving 🙂 And then off to the ever growing ‘to make’ queue they go.

Did you get your hands on any of these? What do you think of the new range?

Z xx

Flower Power skirt

11 Feb

The now OOP v8560 skirt was the first garment I made using a commercial pattern.  I was like a deer in headlights in my local fabric/haby chain store looking at patterns, notions and fabric – but very excited! (Of course this was before I knew the joys of buying patterns online!)

Now, regarding the aforementioned chain store (that shall remain nameless), I spent ages poring over pattern books, shortlisting, and re-shortlisting – finally coming to a decision. (And that is no mean feat for me, making decisions is tough!) I approached the desk, asked for the patterns, and how many do you think they had in stock? I’ll give you a hint – none! Yes, you heard right – none! Instead, they proceeded to send me over to another store (across the other side of the city) to get the pattern there. You’ll never guess… they didn’t have want I wanted there either! I now know better than to expect service in any of these stores. But, I digress….

I ended up purchasing a lovely bright floral cotton and contrasting blue cotton from Amitie which you can see in the photo below.

Flower power skirt

I made variation A (the pink version in the pattern envelope image above). And apart from being a complete newb, I had no huge problems with this pattern.


  • I added in piping in between the top and bottom yoke pieces using the contrast blue, I’m not sure if you can see it in these pics though sorry!
  • I doubled the width of the contrast hem band – I don’t like to show too much leg! 🙂
  • I used an invisible zip. I much prefer invisible zips.

I love that this skirt has pockets – more womenswear should have pockets! To avoid bulk, the pocket bags were made out of lining fabric, I think some kind of acetate.

Flower power skirt pocket

I love the bright print, and I have been known to wear this skirt into the office in the depths of winter, trying to imagine it’s summer.

So there you have it! My first commercial pattern. You can see more photos of my flower power skirt in finished projects.

Do you remember sewing your first commercial pattern? How did you go?

Check Mate skirt

4 Feb

Introducing…. <drum roll> … the first skirt I ever made – the Check Mate skirt.

This is a simple straight skirt, lined, with a back vent, lapped zip and waist facing. Sounds easy huh?

Check mate skirt

After looking at the photo, some of you may now be thinking, ‘Are you mad?? Checks?? For your first project??!’.

Seems I was mad. Little innocent me walks naively into my sewing class and showed my teacher my brand new fabric to make my groundbreaking first skirt. I think she had a little heart attack internally, but I didn’t sense it. How was I supposed to know that checks were tricky!? ;pCheck mate skirt - seated

We plowed on though. She patiently worked with me to ensure the pattern went one way, and to match all the checks – which was a little easier given the large size of them. We ensured that the black column was down the centre front (more slimming that way), matched the centre back and did our best with the side seams.

I was pretty happy with the end result – what do you think? Have you worked with checks?

Oh, and ‘check mate’ checked fabric – I win!


Check Mate skirt