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Ceylon a la Zo

2 Mar

Well, we got there. Just. This girl was started before Christmas, interrupted by Elisalex and then a number of sewing, unpicking, sewing, lots of hand sewing, and button making later, just before the stroke of midnight last Saturday, she was done and dusted! Finally.

Colette Ceylon

This lady just didn’t want to come together. I was sewing things on backwards and upside down, which resulted in a lot of unpicking of both stitching and overlocking. On the plus side, I am now an expert at unpicking overlocking. If I haven’t already blocked it from my memory…

Colette Ceylon

I had a special guest photographer for my Ceylon, thanks lady! These photos were taken in St Kilda, and although we snuck off into an alley, unfortunately we still attracted a little audience. What a let down for them when they realised it’s just little old me lol.

Colette Ceylon

If you know the lovely Ceylon at all, you’ll have noticed that my sleeves are different. Not the short puffy sleeves as per pattern, rather some neat little caps. I used the sleeves from Victory Patterns’ Ava. No, I haven’t actually made Ava yet, I just used her for her sleeves 😉

Colette Ceylon

I didn’t make too many other changes really, added length to the hem (nothing new there) and added some darts in the front waist panels for a closer fit.

Colette Ceylon

Actually, there was one change that I made to the whole construction approach. The instructions tell you to apply and top stitch your pieces together, rather than the usual, “good sides together”. For my sanity, and for neatness, I stuck with “good sides together”. As far as I can tell it didn’t make any difference.

Colette Ceylon

The fabric is an absolute delight to wear. It’s a Japanese cotton from Tessuti called Black Hanataba. It’s so light and comfy, and I have some left… so there may be a very similar looking top somewhere in my future. 

Colette Ceylon

I felt this dress required covered buttons, so taught myself how to make them – yep, 16 of the buggers! Then I had to sew them all on!! I think it was worth the effort though.

Colette Ceylon

And of course 16 buttons required 16 button holes, 5.75 cms apart. LUCKILY, my machine was being friendly so this did not result in an ugly tantrum.

Colette Ceylon

I blind stitched the hem by hand. I also did the back neckline facing so that it won’t flap around. I actually find hand sewing quite relaxing – anyone else? I think I watched about five episodes of The West Wing while doing all the hand sewing, button making and button hole cutting.

Colette Ceylon

That’s it! Oh yeah, how funny’s this pic?! Unplanned, wind came and lifted my skirt and it was all caught on camera hahaha.

Colette Ceylon

I just remembered. Another user generated problem with this dress! Lets just say the inside hem looks interesting – the front panels have a 5cm allowance, and the back a 2 cm allowance. I’ll leave you to ponder why. Because I really don’t know how it happened lol!

What are you guys sewing right now? Right now! Well maybe after reading this 😉

Z xx


Beignet is finito

17 Jun

Those of you who follow my ramblings may recall that I have been working on a Beignet.

Well, I am pleased to report that it is now finished. Honestly, it’s not rocking my world, but I think that’s due to fabric choice, because the fit is great – though if I make it again I think I’d lengthen it even more, ever so slightly.

Beignet Right

Fashion fabric is a pin cord from Spotlight, and I lined it with a yellow Habutai from Darn Cheap Fabrics – which was an absolute nightmare to work with. Don’t do it to yourself! ;p

Beignet left

Alterations made

  • Shaping at the waist
  • Lengthen hem by 4cm
  • Widened front pieces at centre front to avoid any potential gaping

I did also put a lot of effort into working/matching the pattern as best as possible. For example, all the belt loops have a red flower in the middle.

Beignet front

That’s it! Work continues on my jeans and bombshell dress 🙂

Have you made up the Beignet, what did you think?

Z xx

Jeans ahoy!

27 May

I’ve wanted to try out making some jeans for a little while now, but after seeing Poppykettle’s delightful Turquoise Terror Jeans, I knew they had to be moved up the list of ‘to do’ projects.

My inspiration lies with Sass and Bide‘s Rabbit Boy jeans – I had a pair quite some years ago now, and I LOVED them and wore them to death! Literally. To. Death. They were stitched up a few times, but eventually they left this world. You can see a good pic of the Rabbit Boy style on missea, about halfway down the page.

I’m basing my pattern on V8774 (pic below) which I traced off today. Step one, ‘tracing’, complete.


I’m using the below denim from Darn Cheap Fabrics – eventually (sorry about the dodgy photo). I wouldn’t hold your breath on these ones though folks. I still have to finalize that darn Beignet, then I imagine there’ll be a bit of drafting and testing before I even get to cut these bad girls out.

My Rabbit Boy denim

I’ve also started pondering a Ceylon. What do you think about this Blue Fitzgerald Liberty Tana Lawn for it? Like?

Fitzgerald 03632155D

Or how about this Japanese Cotton from Tessuti?

Green Hanataba

So that’s what’s going to be coming up and across my sewing table in the near future (well hopefully it’ll be near!).

On a different note, I spent the weekend back at my mum’s place, and got to have some serious play time with the gorgeous puppies (family too lol). Check them out.

This is Oscar, a scatty Jack Russell…

Jack Russell Terrier

Here’s Alice, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and very cuddly and floppy (and pretty!)…

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I also got to meet some new additions to my Godfather’s household;

Sam, a black Labradoodle pup who I’m sure is on some kind of amphetamines,

Black Labradoodle

And Sam’s little brother, Fred who likes to chew jewellery and pull hair

Chocolate Labradoodle

And while we’re talking doggies, here’s a pic of my Grandparents’ pug, Jazz, who recently passed on to the land of doggy heaven 😦


So if you didn’t already pick, I am somewhat of a ‘dog’ person, and really miss having one around the house. But it is now very exciting when I do get to play 🙂

What did you get up to this weekend? Much sewing time?

Winner winner chicken dinner!

20 May

At the start of the month I was lucky enough to be a winner of a lucky dip over at Kestrel Finds and Makes. And this week, my winner’s package arrived – all the way from Glasgow! Thanks Kestrel!

There was Simplicity 7780 with a range of shirts, from 1968, and Butterick 4225 with a lovely dress and jacket (can’t see a date on this one, but to my untrained eye it looks maybe 1970s). How exciting!

The dress in particular struck me, and made me think of the black and white bird fabric I’d seen over at Bimble and Pimble… may just have to get my butt down to Spotlight to pick some up – I think it would work! The neckline of this dress also reminds me of the new Colette patterns, Hazel and Lily.

Lucky dip patterns - kestrel finds and makes - simplicity 7780 butterick 4225

You may have read also that I was the winner of a brooch from JuliaBobbin / RueMiraldi. With all these prizes coming my way, I think I should be buying a lottery ticket! But anyway, here’s a picture of the brooch – isn’t it lovely!

Vintage brooch - Julia Bobbin

And finally, I spent the afternoon at Love Vintage yesterday with two lovely ladies from my sewing class. Where I picked up these patterns…

Love Vintage Melbourne patterns - simplicity 7239 style 1980 home journal pattern 11541

The blouse on the right is my favourite 🙂 It seems I did have a blonde moment when purchasing these unfortunately (nothing against blondes – I was one for many many years)… See the middle pattern, yep, the one with the lovely pussy bow blouse? Yep. Right. Well it’s actually a pattern for the skirts not the blouse. Doh! Not that I hate the skirts or anything, but I really did only buy it for the blouse! Dammit! I only realised when I got home…

I also got these magnificent Alexis Kirk earrings that I am completely in love with. Now I just need to find somewhere to wear them…

Alexis Kirk earrings

And I’m still chugging along with my Beignet… not long to go now, here’s a sneak peak…

Beignet sneak peakHow was your weekend? Did you get much sewing done?